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Friday, 7 July 2006

birthday wishes

Yesterday was my birthday! And boy oh boy did I have a lovely day.

I slept in - good start. Then went to see Superman Returns - which was really lovely. Lovely odes to the original movies and a great sense of pathos a la Bryan Singer who is a fab director. Had lunch out, yummo. Came home to open pressies - including two goooorgeous piccies my hubby bought for me all on his own, without asking my advice, and did he get it exactly spot on or what??? Then made myself a birthday cake -

Okay, now that's not as bad as it seems! For I make the best chocolate cake this side of Jamie Oliver. It's my mum's recipe, and the only recipe, apart from omelette and toast, that I know off by heart. And I must have made it for my birthday more times than not.

Then we spent much of the evening setting up my brand new computer! It has a huge monitor which terrified me at first. I thought I'd go cross-eyed! But within five minutes it made my laptop screen look simply puny.

So here I am happy happy happy, a year - gulp! - older, and sitting at my new computer ready to see what ideas are lokced within it's cords and chips and electronnic bits.