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Monday 10 July 2006

two timing

I have just now been given my deadlines for the next few months - first week of August and mid-October. Yes, you're spot on - that's 2 books in 3 months. And for a girl who has been spoilt rotten in being given around 4 months per book to date, this is going to be some ride!

But remember, I am also a girl who loves nothing more than writing two books at the one time. If one is giving me trouble, I simply drop it like a hot potato and move over to the other. In the meantime the first book will continue to stew in the back of my mind.

I am at that happy stage right now with one book at almost 40,000 words and I have a pretty good idea of where it is heading from here on in. And in the last couple of hours I have had an idea for a new book which has taken me by the throat and made me deperate to leave behind all thought of sleep and TV and food - besides M&Ms of course - and just dive right in.
I mean, who wouldn't want to with this guy whispering sweet nothings to them?

Now what the heck am I doing here talking with you good people??? I should be writing!