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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

they who have been named

We have spent the last couple of days getting to know our girls, and their names finally came to us by way of magical meant-to-be flashes of inspiration or from somewhere deep inside of our collective misguided subconciouses, I'm not sure which.

First up, from left to right we have Speckled Jim, the first born, the biggest and the smartest. Next up is Vinnie Barbarino, a scruffy grey who's the goofiest of the lot. Then Stewie Griffin who is the smallest, and, like his namesake, a bit of an evil genius. Today she managed to find a cockroach and tried to hide it from her sisters so she could eat it all herself. Not surprisingly Jim managed to out-muscle her for most of it.

The three golden girls on Laverne's right are Captain Janeway (hiding, eating), Vera de Milo (who tries to jump onto Laverne's back all the time) and Rollergirl.

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