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Monday, 1 May 2006

my happy muse

Okay, so I have a cold. I'm sniffling and achey and I can't stop sneezing. So why does it feel like my muse is coming awake after a long sleep?

Is it because I had the house to myself after over a week of spending a really very lovely time out socialising with my brother-in-lawa nd his girlfriend who'd come to stay? How can one even think of creating when one is still digesting the previous day's fabulous dinner, shopping, football win, Arrested Development rerun...?

Is it because I've been asked to contribute a piece to a book being made about my footy team called "The Barrackers Are Shouting" and today was the deadline so I had to get over my sniffles and just do it? And has putting pen to paper, so to speak, awoken my muse despite his best efforts to sleep out the winter?

Or is it because today is the 1st of May and I have a book due in exaclty one month and my muse has heard my cries for help and said "Right! Fine! I hear ya! Let's get this thing done!"?

Or is it the though of my particpation in the RWA book in a week beginning on the eighth? I've made it my goal to finish my "Sorrento" book by the 15th of May, thus giving myself time to let it lie before I slash and burn for the final edit.

Whatever the reason, today I sat sniffling in front of the telly in my tracky pants, old jumper and ugh boots with a box of tissues, a huge glass of sugar water and my Alphasmart and felt the words come easily again.

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