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Wednesday, 3 May 2006

oh brother

I'm meant to be writing. 1000 words a day would do me nicely about now. The lovely Natasha Oakley and I are egging one another on to get our latest works in progress zooming along. And the little worm word counter thing on the right hand side of my blog is begging me for movement. I have chocolate, I have coffee, I have hero inspiration up to my eyeballs.

So why did Big Brother have to go and start up again? I promised myself I wasn't going to get caught up in it all. It's a horrible show. Truly.

Yet I haaad to watch the first episode just to see what sort of ning-nongs they'd picked this year.

The fact that they have a guy who looks like David there is hardly helpful, even if he is "55% gay" - his words, not mine! And I have to be up on what's going on so I can talk about with my mates, right?

My hubby just bought me a new hard drive DVD recorder too. It's my new best friend. I've spent the last couple of days becoming intimate with its buttons and knobs and I'm pretty sure I could now fly the thing blind-folded. But with over a hundred and fifty hours of recording time imbedded into the darned thing, it means I can tape everything. Including Big Brother Up Late. All two and a half hours of it every night. So the next dayI can sit down at "lunch" and watch it!

Okay, so it doesn't go for two and a half hours with my new whizz bang hard drive DVD recorder and you can click past the add breaks with one touch of a button and fast forward through all the drivel, which okay really is most of it. But still...

Someone slap me over the back of the head right now. Please!

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