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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

oh what a night

Last night three friends and I went to see Robbie Williams in the very last concert of his massive world tour. Well, three friends, me and 66,500 others!

(At the bottom right corner of the stage that's him sitting ;))

This has been a looooong time coming. If you haven't read about my adventures in trying to get us tickets, check it out here.

The concert was AMAZING! I have never danced so much while sitting on my butt ever! He sang a fab mix of songs both slow and romantic and loud and obnoxious. It was one of those concerts where at times you couldn't eve hear his voice for the voices of the crowd drowning him out.

Let Me Entertain You was insane. So much noise and power and energy I thoguht we might all rush the stage. And Angels was just beeeeeeeuatiful. If anyone in the audience didn't shed a tear at the emotion pouring through the stadium the I just don't know what!

He was funny, and I mean hilarious hold your sides funny, cheeky, self-deprecating, lovable, gorgeous, sexy, fabulous, energy personified, giving, emotional, and the most unbelievable singer live!!! My ears are still ringing, my voice is half gone, and my hands are still swollen from clapping so much. And I wish it had never ended.

And when he looked down the barrel of a camera and his image shot out of the massive screens to the side of the stage, those moments he was singing just to me.

I'm utterly convinced.