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Monday, 18 December 2006

icky picture as requested

Meet Stewie Griffin.

The last of the six to be born. She still has egg and membrane attached. I know it's icky, but it's also kinda wonderful. She was cheeping the whole time this picture was taken. Amazing.
Laverne later ate the rest of the egg. All part of the great circle of life.

This next picture is Stewie Griffin this morning, only ~ 16 hours later. What a difference a good night's sleep makes!
Snuggled up with Laverne and their sisters is Speckled Jim front and centre - she's the show off of the group. They are little balls of fluff. Sooooo cute! And chirpy. So far all I can see are three stunning gold ones and another speckled like Jim. Number six must be in hiding. They haven't yet ventured out of their hutch, though we have them set up with water and hay and feed and a little ramp leading to and from their cave for when they are ready.

And yes they are all girls. As yet only in our minds. Despite their names, we need them to be girls so they can stay. Not sure how one figures such things out, but I'm sure that'll be part of the learning process...

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