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Saturday, 6 May 2006


3000 words today. Phew!

Half of that thanks to Alphie, who I'm sure writes half the stuff when I'm not looking, and the other half thanks to...I just don't know.

Maybe it due to:
  • the fact that I was terrified of having to delete an entire 5000 word chapter that just wasn't playing ball...
  • or the fact that I've hit a point where I kind of know how the end is going to come together...
  • or the fact that I've had a major plot twist in my head from the beginning that I hadn't even begun to weave through the book, and I only realised first thing this morning that the heroine was trying to tell me to give up and not force the issue so I decided to drop the whole thing and it made me feel so much lighter in letting it go...

Who knows? But now I can go to dinner with my hubby and Sheree and Chris and Melissa and Steve at Jenny and Paul's and have a glass of red or two and enjoy every second of it knowin that I'm ahead of schedule!

Natasha? Any news? Any further? Do you want to kill me now?

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